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Steps to a hassle free move

4 Weeks before your move

  • Notify the post office of your move.
  • Get packing materials from Moving Solutions Tulsa and start packing NOW. We are the Premier among Tulsa moving companies, and if you schedule your 2019 move with us now, we will move you in 2019 at our 2018 prices.
  • Order boxes from Moving Solutions at a fraction of the price of most of the larger Tulsa moving companies
  • Collect everything not to be moved for garage sale or charitable donation.
  • Begin using up your supplies of food, buy only what you will use before the move.

Prepare a list to notify of your move


  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Sewer
  • Trash Cable/Satellite
  • Fuel (Oil/Propane)

Personal Accounts

  • Pharmacy
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Lawn Service
  • BanksCredit Card Companies
  • Auto Finance Company
  • Health Club

Professional Services

  • Doctor(s)
  • Dentist
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Broker
  • Insurance Agency
  • School Records
  • Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  • Social Security Administration
  • State/Federal TaxBureaus
  • Veterans Administration


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Three Weeks before your move

  • Make family travel plans.
  • Reserve hotel rooms and airline tickets as needed.
  • Make Hotel Reservations
  • If driving, have your car serviced for the trip (check tires, brakes and windshield wipers, fluids, belts, etc.)
  • Have rugs and draperies cleaned. Leave both wrapped when they are returned from the cleaners.
  • Gather valuable personal papers that you may need at your destination location, including medical and dental records, school records, birth certificates, etc.

Two Weeks before your move

  • Set a date for having utilities disconnected. If possible, plan to keep utilities in service through moving day.
  • If upholstered furniture must be placed in storage, do not clean before moving. Moisture could cause mold in furniture.
  • Dispose of all items too dangerous for Moving Solutions Tulsa moving company to move, including flammable liquids.
  • Hazardous Materials – items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive.
  • Perishables – Food, plants or living things that may die or spoil in transit.
  • Gather irreplaceable items and\or sentimental items be carried with you instead of being packed with your shipment.

One Week before your move

  • Decide what to do with houseplants
  • Arrange for transportation of pets.
  • Collect all items that are being cleaned
  • Have enough medication to last at least two weeks.
  • Buy traveler’s checks.
  • Make arrangements to pay for your move.

Moving Day

  • Be on hand when the Tulsa movers arrive.
  • Point out to the packers any extra-fragile items needing special attention.
  • Have beds stripped and ready to be packed.
  • Save your energy – let the Tulsa moving company crew disassemble goods.
  • Discuss the delivery arrangements fully with your mover.
  • Make sure your Moving Solutions Tulsa moving company driver has the exact destination address.
  • Tell your Tulsa movers, Moving Solutions how to reach you at your destination.
  • Keep in contact with the mover’s agent at your destination while you are in transit.
  • If you cannot be reached at destination, the mover may have to place your shipment in storage. This can mean additional charges for storage and handling.
  • Upon delivery, check your goods for damage.
  • Be on hand to accept delivery. If you cannot be there personally, be sure you authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery and pay the charges for you.
  • Check your household goods as they are unloaded. If there is a change in the condition of the property from that noted on the inventory at the time of loading or if any items are missing, note discrepancies on the van operator’s copy of the inventory sheet. By signing the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed. Personally report any loss or damage to your salesperson or move coordinator.
  • When you schedule Moving Solutions Tulsa for your move, when unloading, each piece of furniture will be placed as you direct, including the laying of rugs and setting up any beds disassembled at origin.
  • The mover is not obligated to rearrange your furniture.
  • Place a floor plan of your new home by the entrance, which the movers can use to determine where each piece of furniture should go.
  • To prevent possible damage, television sets, other electronic equipment and major appliances should not be used for 24 hours after delivery, allowing them time to adjust to room temperature.

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